Positioned at the heart of the Parisian art galleries area for over thirty years the Malingue gallery is nowadays an outstanding centre in which leading art collectors can find masterpieces from the 19th end 20th centuries. The whole of the Modern Art adventure is to be found here summed up in sure-footed choices, guaranteeing an endlessly renewed pleasure.

Within the three large exhibition spaces, whose layout and design emphasize, by their elegant sobriety, the great and good taste of the works shown, ranging from Renoir and Cézanne up to Picasso, by way of Toulouse-Lautrec, Miró, Dali or Matisse, all the major masters are to be found. Specifically themed exhibitions are very regularly shown. Among them we might mention Yves Tanguy, during the spring 2002, that presented a rare selection of his works, a very prestigious approach to Max Ernst’s body of work in 2003, and a brilliant show of works by Roberto Matta covering the years 1936-1944. Group shows of varied and top quality works (works by Bonnard, Van Dongen, Modigliani, Monet, Pissarro, Rouault, Gauguin, Léger, Miró, Mondrian or Picasso) have made of the Malingue gallery an outstanding meeting-place, justly praised in the specialized media throughout the world.

If Daniel Malingue is the founder of the gallery, having acquired an international reputation over forty-five years in the business, his two sons, Edouard and Olivier joined him for a while. They are now both working independently but they have remained in close touch with the gallery. On the other hand, his daughter Eléonore has decided to join the gallery team in her turn.

Naturally all three of them are committed to Daniel Malingue’s rule of only showing works of the highest quality, works on paper, oil paintings or sculptures, thereby creating a kind of grandly refined collection in the gallery, a little “museum” whose curator had the temerity to turn down “average” pieces. As a result, a constant research and a rigorous selection have made of the Malingue gallery a peak point of the art market, able to withstand fashionable phenomena, and protected from the vagaries of the financial world.

Throughout the years, Malingue has forged strong and privileged links with museum curators, and therefore frequently lends its works to various institutions, thus strengthening major didactic and impressive exhibitions.

More than ever, Daniel Malingue’s rigorous and intelligent choices have turned his gallery into a privileged space in which visual pleasure is combined with intellectual satisfaction, a place where heart and reason can rhyme.